Our services:


Reputation and e-reputation audit

Messaging and story-telling

Media, e-media & bloggers relations

Journalists, decision-makers and influencers meeting programs

Strategic media & social media monitoring

Influencers mapping

Off- and online campaigns

Community management

Flash reputation diagnosis in 48 hours


Build & develop your reputation

The advent of Web 2.0 has opened up new spaces for expression, rapidly seized by the public opinion. As a consequence, online interactions have gained visibility and a loop-effect phenomenon of public opinion’s influence over itself now comes on top of more traditional media mechanisms. 


In this context, reputation becomes more than ever a crucial asset as it can have impactful consequences on an organization’s ability to achieve its strategy and objectives.


Convinced that public opinion is more and more dependent on narratives built by two types of actors, peers and experts, MAARC works by activating the relevant levers to conduct effective communication strategies and build adhesion around its clients’ projects.

Anticipate & accompany

crisis management

Industrial accident, product recall, labour issues, litigation, bad buzz… Experience shows that 9 crises out of 10 could have been avoided if an alert & response mechanism had been activated from the very beginning.

MAARC accompanies its clients in defining and implementing procedures, tools and trainings to prepare teams internally and reduce risk exposure.

And when a crisis occurs, Maarc is there 24/7 to provide senior counsel in defining a response strategy and the on hands support needed to protect its clients' reputation while mobilizing its team of specialists in media relations, social media, internal communications, media monitoring and training. 

Our services:

Internal audit

Live monitoring

Risk mapping & evaluation

Procedures definition

Spokespersons trainings

Crisis trainings & crisis simulations

Full development of tools & messages

24/7 counselling & operational support in case of crisis

Our services:


Stakeholders mapping

Definition of strategies and transverse influence campaigns

Meetings with representatives and administrations

Relationship with influencers

Development of Op-Eds and official documents

Intervention to authorities in emergency situations

Our services:

Managers coaching

Relationships with trade unions

Preparation of internal meetings

Announcement of disposals/ mergers/ acquisitions

Announcement of restructurings

External communication (press, authorities, representatives)

Conflict management (blockage, strike, violence)

Our services:

Spokespersons coaching

Key messaging platforms

Preparation of internal meetings

Announcement of disposals/ mergers/ acquisitions

External communication (press, authorities, representatives)

Our services:

Media monitoring (off- and online)

Monitoring tools expertise and pooling

Web and social media expertise

Email/text alert in case of sensitive information

Synthesis and daily/weekly analyses

Live monitoring 24/7 in case of crisis





Defend your interests & assist public decision-making

Representing an organization’s or a sector’s interests to public authorities is not only a right: it is the prerequisite to a pragmatic and fair legislation. However, budgetary constraints and electoral hazards tend to create a risk of non-decision even more than one of bad decisions.

That is the reason why, when it comes to public affairs, MAARC adopts a double approach, on the one hand to inform and forge the opinion of the key decision-makers, on the other hand to induce decision-making (activation of influence levers: press relations, expert voices, consumer associations, social networks…)


Build & achieve internal changes


Social management is no longer limited to dialogue with social partners. Moreover, its impact often exceeds the scope of HR services, as it can threaten continuity of operations and the company’s very image.

Meanwhile, the success of a company project is based on its ability to create adhesion and support internally as well as to convince external partners (clients, investors, public authorities…)

For MAARC, a successful change management requires on-the-spot communication, driven by trained managers able to share and relay the strategic vision at all levels.

Accompany your financial communication

The trust of investors and those who influence their decisions (media, analysts, etc.) is key to a compagny's success. This trust is built on a company and its leaders' vision, the consistency and relevance of their strategic choices, and the transparency of their governance and values. MAARC intervenes in these decisive moments.


Monitor to remain in control of your environment

Diversity of sources and virality of information require increased vigilance when it comes to protecting your organization or brand. The task is all the more complex as traditional off- and online tools report effectively on information volumes but can fail to detect information that matters the most or to understand what is at stake.

That is why MAARC adopts a global approach combining traditional and social media monitoring (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram…) with a double objective: to measure reputation both in qualitative and quantitative terms, and to spot, in the ambient media noise, weak signals that allow to anticipate potential risks.

Thus, members of the MAARC Watch® team select, synthesize and analyze relevant information to make the Monitoring Report a real strategic tool to pilot and help decision-making.


Train & engage your team to tackle new challenges

In the life of any organization, success during key moments (reorganization, crisis management, change in processes…) greatly depends on team engagement.

This engagement is built on pedagogy on the meaning of a project as well as on effective skill transmission. This engagement needs to be passed on through the voice of leaders and managers, both in written and oral form, thanks to active dialogue and collective work.

With its training experts, teaching in several universities (Sciences Po, IAE Toulouse, ISCOM), MAARC builds and facilitates trainings and workshops designed to engage key human resources on the company’s priority objectives.

Our services:

Coaching of senior executives and managers

Management meeting and workshops

WAAR® Games

Communication and media trainings

Awareness campaigns towards all collaborators,
in France and at  international level