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Your communications and public relations agency

Long term projects or one-off interventions, MAARC defines and implements customized communication strategies for its clients.

"Our mission

is to create the adhesion required

for the success

of our clients' strategies."

Our beliefs

The economic, social and moral turmoil of the beginning of the century perpetuates and feeds a crisis of confidence in traditional influencers, namely politicians, media and companies. Authoritative arguments no longer operate. Any activity becomes subject to polemics and regulation, any promotional discourse is regarded with suspicion. This new environment represents a real obstacle to economic actors’ license to operate, ability to develop their brand and conduct successful changes.


In this context, creating adhesion around its clients’ brands or strategy is the key objective of the communication campaigns recommended and implemented by MAARC.


Because it is MAARC’s belief that adhesion is the only effective and sustainable lever to mobilize and convince, to install and preserve relationships, to build and enhance a reputation, all things instrumental to a company’s successful development.




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